World-first under-screen camera by Oppo: That you must know!

Under Screen camera by Oppo

With the demand for full screen and various advantages, the tech market has come with different types of smartphones. These smartphones demand full screen, but no one can enjoy the whole screen. But the tech market is crowded with these smartphones; Oppo is bringing a special surprise.

This first Oppo brings a smartphone that has a selfie camera inside the skin. Smartphone users will an incredibly enjoyable experience of full-screen. The plan is to implement a similar program at the Mobile Congress held June 26, 2019, in Shanghai recently. Moreover, this company promotes a short video on this topic.

This smartphone will use a clear glass that has a selfie camera underneath it. Half of the upper half of the smartphone will have selfie cameras that cannot see with an empty eye. Since this camera is under glass, its selfie camera will be larger than the front camera.

This selfie camera has HDR, white balance, and haze removal. White balance displays on the screen, which eliminates any color contamination. HDR is used to consume export highlights and enhance shadow details. And Haze removal makes a selfie as beautiful and perfect as it looks. The company claims that this smartphone will give users the pleasure of photography. And complete unlock display with face unlock; a selfie can take, video calls, full of video game movies can enjoy.

Oppo said that a particular camera with a transparent lens had used on this smartphone. The sensor of this camera will capture a lot more light than other cameras. As a result, the pictures taken with this smartphone will be much brighter and more perfect than other smartphones. A new design featuring a pixel structure uses a custom display that allows the camera sensor to reach the light. And other selfie cameras provide more massive size selfies.

Moreover, this smartphone uses unique technology. That allows you to share data over 3 km without any internet and wifi connection. This feature is a unique addition to the smartphone because this particular addition is not on any other smartphone.

So this means that Oppo will bring a good quality smartphone to the market, which will give you the full pleasure and pleasure of using a smartphone. This smartphone, with particular advantages, will take a prominent place in the minds of the users. And this smartphone will become the world’s first under-screen smartphone. In this regard, Oppo said that this smartphone is of a much higher quality, which will lead to unified smartphone companies. And this smartphone is a lot lighter than other smartphones and will be a lot more interesting at a look.

However, the company did not give details about the technology of the camera and the launch of the phone. However, it expects that by 2020, this year, in February this year, Oppo will launch this phone. And since the technology and special features will add to this smartphone, the price of these smartphones will be much higher.

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